Thyristor Controller

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Our Thyristor Based Phase/Heater Controller, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize heating systems with precision and efficiency. Engineered for industrial and commercial applications, this controller offers unparalleled control over phase angles, ensuring optimal power delivery to heaters, furnaces, ovens, and similar equipment.


Key Features:

Thyristor-based Control: Utilizing advanced thyristor technology, our controller enables precise regulation of power output, maintaining stable temperatures and reducing energy consumption.

Phase Angle Control: Fine-tune the phase angle to achieve desired heating levels, allowing for flexible adjustment according to specific heating requirements.

Multi-Heater Compatibility: Whether managing a single heater or a complex network of heating elements, our controller accommodates diverse setups with ease.

Digital Interface: Intuitive digital controls offer user-friendly operation, allowing for quick setup and adjustments to optimize performance.

Temperature Feedback: Integrated temperature sensing capabilities provide real-time feedback, ensuring accurate control and preventing overheating.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand demanding industrial environments, our controller boasts rugged construction and reliable performance for long-term operation.

Safety Features: Equipped with comprehensive safety features, including overcurrent protection and temperature monitoring, to safeguard equipment and personnel.


Industrial Furnaces

Heat Treatment Processes

Plastic Moulding

Food Processing

HVAC Systems

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Research Laboratories

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in your heating processes with our Thyristor-Based Phase/Heater Controller. Upgrade your heating system today and unlock new levels of productivity and energy savings.





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