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About IK Controls

Welcome to IK Controls IK Controls Automation – Your Gateway to Smart and Efficient Solutions! At IK Controls Automation, we pave the way for a future where cutting-edge technology meets seamless automation, driving innovation and efficiency to new heights. As a leading provider of automation solutions, we specialize in designing and implementing state-of-the-art control systems that empower businesses across various industries.

  • Industrial Automation Streamline and enhance your manufacturing processes with our industrial automation solutions.
  • System Integration Achieve operational excellence through seamless system integration.
  • OEM Solution As your trusted (OEM) partner, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for various industries.
  • Control Panel Our control panel solutions are meticulously designed to provide efficient and reliable control over various processes.


Certainly! Here's a short brief about our team

Dedicated Team

Our main objective is to fulfill customers' demands by offering them the reliable consultancy, contracting, implementation, equipment, control and automation services and Automation products at affordable rates. The company have recruited a team of dynamic individuals who are qualified and skillful to carry out mechanical, electrical and electronic troubleshoot by using latest technology.

Project Design

In addition to our other teams, we also encompass a team of specialized professionals having vast experience in Industrial Automation Industry and project handling, that is solely dedicated to handle projects and related services.


A highly competent team of sales & marketing engineers is aware of changing market needs and offers control products for building and industrial automation and allied products which are suitable to customer's individual needs.



Certainly! Here's a short brief highlighting our strengths

  • To first learn and understand the customers Automatic Temperature Control system and the mechanical systems it is controlling
  • To provide a quality service and support offering that best suits the customer's needs and operating budget to ensure that their best interests are served
  • To work in partnership with our customers to ensure we understand their immediate and long-term needs so we can continue to provide service that will exceed their expectations.
  • To continuously evaluate and improve the quality of service we provide.
  • To earn the respect, trust, and cooperation of the customers we serve.