Honeywell PLC

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Product Specification :

External Connection9-Pin Terminal Block
Operation IndicatorOutput ON, LED ON


Current Consumption

360 mA
CoolingAir Cooling
Rated Power Supply Voltage24V DC

Product Description :

Powerful and versatile processors – high speed i.e.42 nanosec/step, 7MB program (including system memory), 4MB system memory, 2MB data memory, 16MB built-in flash memory for program and data backup

Honeywell’s new ML 50 compact PLC, with its innovative architecture, combines power and versatility to help provide performance in a slim, compact and affordable solution.

Its high performance and functionality, the new ML 50 PLC offer economical automation platform for many industrial control applications.

The ML 50 family can be used just like I/O, as a standalone PLC or as a distributed control.

It offers a broad selection of Base modules, Expansion I/O modules, various network interface options and some special modules to enhance control capabilities.

Functionality With its powerful and various built-in functions, the ML series can provide an optimum solution for your automation task.

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