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If one needs a smooth change of parameter quickly and without any oscillation, then PID Temperature Controller is a good option. A PID temperature controller can get desired value of the temperature quickly, and hold the position with great accuracy. An on/off controller will switch the output, only when temperature crosses the set point. For heating control, the output is on when temperature is below the set point, and off above the set point. We provide controllers varying in sizes and functions at reasonable price.


Essential Points

  • Low cost, Effective, Easy to use PID Temperature Controller.     
  • 8-Digit Dual Row (4-Digit for PV & 4-Digit for SV).     
  • Selectable sensor input (T/C : K,J,E,S,T,B,R ;RTD & Linear I/P) from keyboard.     
  • Programmable Lower & Upper set point limits.     
  • Programmable control action ON-OFF/PID control.    
  • Four different alarm modes (Low/High/Deviation low/Deviation High).   
  • Program lock function (to prevent unauthorized tampering).    
  • Universal supply voltage ranges from 90 to 270 VAC.     
  • Available in 4 Standard DIN sizes (48x48, 72x72, 96x48, 96x96).