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Honeywell's state of the art Programmable logic controllers are backed by a powerful and versatile CPU with standard programming, pocket size, compact modules, open networks like Ethernet, device net, profibus and Modbus. HoneywellProgrammable Logic Controllers are highly modular and scalable with enhanced online maintenance and trouble shooting. We have a large customer base for this product.


 Essential Points

  • HC900 allows you to perform easy engineering      
  • Process-specific function blocks reduce configuration time and your operational costs       
    • Powerful Accutune III auto-tuning algorithms enable control loops to be quickly and easily tuned      
    • Simple intuitive tools, advanced monitoring and debugging tools which are easy to use and engineer      
    • Product enhancements made easy with free web-based downloads at zero annual maintenance fee      
    • Universal analog inputs reduce inventory cost      
    • Modular and scalable