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HNC Servo Motor & Drive have a wide range of variants in the same product. Depending upon the speed, there are four variants as 1500 rpm, 2000 rpm, 2500 rpm and 3000 rpm servo motors. They are manufactured by selecting a high quality permanent magnetic material, good thermal resistance, and optimal design of the electromagnetic parameters. During working conditions they maintain a good and fast response in the long run. We supply HNC Servo Motor & Drive in all variants at affordable rates.


Essential Points

  • Highest speed up to 5000 RPM      
  • Overload ability: torque can be up to 3 times of the rated load.      
  • Resonance inhibition: can rise to inhibit resonance effect by adjusting the internal parameters      
  • Rotection function: over voltage, over current, overload, overspeed and
  • Encoder anomaly and other kinds of error detection mechanism, nip in the bud.