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An Energy Management System is a system of computer aided tools used by operators of electric utility grids to monitor, control and optimizes the performance of power generation and transmission system. Energy management systems are being widely used by every power station and power Generation Company. Energy is a valuable resource which is obtained by investing a huge amount of resources; hence its management is very essential. We supply Energy management systems for both domestic and industrial utilities. Essential Points Connectivity Options : SATEC, L&;;T, Schneider Electric, Socomec, Rishabh meters, Modbus Serial and TCP protocol. Configurator helps in the configuration of locations, loops, devices, tags names, etc. Data Acquisition Server. Graphics / Display (SLD) Trend Client Web Based Standard Reports : Consumption patterns, Alarm Reports, Billing Report. Notification Systems : Email, SMS, Phone calls with confirmation of receiving, Relay contact. Third Party Integration. Centralized monitoring thorough client software provides SLD and trends. Rule based logical alarm system to generate alerts and reduce the energy consumption or risk in operation. Security Levels : Guest, Operator, Manager, Admin.

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